Restoration Services

In the 34 years since Gary Kempton opened his first Porsche restoration business we have completed 71 restorations on cars as varied as a 1949 Gmund Coupe, Spyders, Speedsters, Cabriolets, Coupes, Convertible D's, Abarth Carreras, Roadsters, Super 90's, Knotchbacks, a Drauz Speedster, Carrera II Rally Coupe, 911 RS, 911RSR to a 1925 Austro Daimler (designed by Prof. Porsche). We've also done the fiberglass on four 904's and the metal and body work on the first Speedster (12223) and restored the only steel (prototype) America Roadster (pictured above). Some of them were restored to their Kardex specifications, but some were done with more daring - changing colors, electrics conversion from 6-12 volt, from plain Coupes to sunroof Coupes, and, on Gary's own Speedster, to every option available for that model that he had always wanted, including a Glaspar hardtop, a 356C engine, transmission and brakes, and headlamp stoneguards. Many cars were updated for comfort and safety with stronger brakes and synchromesh transmission.

A "GK" restoration: 83622 1957 Carrera Speedster

Mechanicals / Power Train

Our shop has the expertise to handle any engine configuration from the earliest 356 1950s original-stock two-piece case engine, to the complex 4-cam Carrera engine, to modern fuel-injected conversion engines. We run our engines on one of our two in-house 300 or 400 horsepower Stuska Dynos.


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Final Assembly

View images of cars in their final stage of restoration

Parts Processing

Each part is inspected for damage or need of replacement. When possible, our replacements are factory-original parts from our extensive inventory. When parts are no longer available, we provide quality reproduction replacements from other appropriate sources.

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